About Kenneth

Kenneth LeRose and his pitbull dog jumping over a puddle

      Welcome to my world of art, where I thrive creating and teaching photography. Living a nomadic life since 2017, I am a full time photographer and educator, hosting dozens of group masterclass workshops and 1-on-1 photography adventure workshops every year all over the country. For me, photography isn’t just about capturing an image, it’s a free-flowing way to express my creative side using my camera as one of the main tools. As with many tools, there is so much room to grow and become more in tune with your craft.  My passion lies just as much in sharing my own skills, techniques and teachings as it does guiding students to hone their own skills and/or discover what photography means to them.


For me, teaching is a way to grow as an artist.  How we see nature is a very personal thing and I believe there is no right way to capture it.  Instead, sharpening our skill set out in the field and in the digital dark room unfolds the full potential (myself and others see when they admire your work).  Surrounding ourselves with other creatives of all skill levels as well as other highly motivated photographers helps to push boundaries to unlock more of our own potential.


My passion for teaching my masterclass workshops and 1-on-1 classes stem from my own experiences breaking into photography. I remember clicking away at nature as my therapy, but wanting to create impactful images that evoke emotion. I wished I knew someone, anyone, that could mentor me and put me on a fast track to invest in my passion and seek the results I knew I was capable of. I see a piece of me in every student and I get true enjoyment in watching others grow that passion.


Another way I’ve found photography to inspire a creative side of me I never knew I had was through writing. As I publish images on Social Platforms such as Instagram, I write a poem to go with each image. They tend to reflect the images, experiences and people along the way of my journey.  It’s amazing to see how one creative outlet can lead to another.


Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me here. I hope that you have enjoyed these few moments getting to know me. And remember, I am here to help you grow.  No matter what your skill level.

Kenneth LeRose taking a photo with his father in front of his airstream