Death Valley




Join …… for an adventure of a lifetime into the wonders of Death Valley & Alabama Hills, Ca. This year we’ve decided to release a deep dive into the only place we can go below sea level and not get wet. We have a few tricks up our sleeves in getting you in front of some very unique foregrounds and landscapes. Learn how to incorporate powerfully, commanding leading lines into your photography. Let’s look at the world a bit differently and create memories and photos that will last a lifetime.

JANUARY 12 - JANUARY 18, 2023




Day 1
Our workshop begins at 3:00pm with a meet and greet at “The Ranch” at Furnace Creek. We’ll discuss our agenda for the week and go over some general camera settings. After a short break, we’ll shoot our first sunset & blue hour nearby the hotel. Afterwards, you’ll have free time to grab some dinner and rest up for sunrise the following morning.
Day 2
Sunrise will take place in a location that is known to have some reflections (conditionally pending). After an amazing morning of shooting, we will head back for a short break before our first classroom session. In our first class, we’ll do a deep dive into our Lightroom workflow. Before dinner, we’ll head back out for sunset/twilight shooting at some sand dunes.
Day 3
Catching some more sunrise goodness at some incredible Mud Cracks. Later we’ll meet in the classroom after lunch. This class will be Photoshop focused where you’ll learn Orton Glows, Blue Hour Blending and many other powerful editing techniques. Let’s round up our camera gear for another afternoon sunset and twilight shoots capturing the most breathtaking salt flats of Death Valley.
Day 4
Sunday morning we’ll catch the sunrise at another iconic Death Valley location! We’ll head back for a short break before heading back out for sunset/twilight. After an incredible day of shooting, we will grab some rest before heading out for one last sunrise in Death Valley.
Day 5
Monday morning will be the last sunrise in Death Valley before heading to our next amazing location. After check out, we will make our way north to photograph our first sunset and twilight in the Eastern Sierras! Time to rest and get ready to return for a little sleep before shooting sunrise at one of the most iconic spots in the Eastern Sierras.
Day 6
After shooting our first sunrise in Alabama Hills, Ca, we will grab a quick bite to eat before heading into our last classroom session. This class will be focused around free editing while the instructors walk around answering any questions you may have. This will be a great opportunity for you to get some 1 on 1 time editing with the instructor of your choice.
Day 7
At our last location, you’ll get to photograph the same boulder fields that were made famous by Ansel Adams during our last sunrise together. Wrapping up our amazing week over breakfast, you’ll have the opportunity to bring your laptop and ask any final questions to the instructors.

* We will be chasing conditions and constantly monitoring the weather. The itinerary may change based on what conditions are during the workshop.

Planning your shoots
• Scouting and evaluating conditions
• Composing an image to grab the viewer’s attention
• Composing an image with a person in frame to show scale and tell a story
• Utilizing apps for more efficient planning
• Choosing the right lens and filters for the job
• How to shoot with a plan or vision for editing
Capturing your image
• How to capture intimate details and abstract images
• Histogram - how to read for perfectly exposed images
• Exposure control - how to use ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed in different scenarios
• Bracketing, Perspective Blending and Focus Stacking
• Long Exposure - how to capture blue hour
Bringing the image to life
• Lightroom and Photoshop - learn our post-processing workflow
• Luminosity Masks
• Dodging and Burning
• Blue-hour Blends
• Understanding layers and masks
• Finishing touches using clone stamp and removing distractions
• Creating Orton glows and painting with light
• Build Social Media Presence - how to maximize engagement

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All Lodging Accommodations
We have reserved lodging for the duration of the workshop and each person will have their own designated room. Lodging is located near an RV and campground. Let us know if you wish to change your lodging to that (We will need 60 days notice).

Portfolio Feedback
Personalized and honest feedback from a 1-on-1 session with all 3 instructors. We will review your top images and give honest feedback on how to improve in camera shots and personalized editing tips.

Social Media Insights
Instagram and growing your social media has been a huge interest for many. We will be touching on the ever changing algorithm of Instagram and how to successfully grow your presence as a photographer in the world of social media.

Our goal is to leave you feeling confident, motivated and passionate about your photography with a new set of ideas and perspective! We will teach simple and actionable techniques to scout out incredible compositions and the process of how to approach and execute unique photos in any environment or conditions. The classroom portion of this adventure will teach you a combination of Lightroom and Photoshop workflows and methods that will allow you to create some powerful images. We decided to keep the group small and intimate, thus allowing us to focus and give you much more access to the 3 instructors and 1-on-1 attention. Instructors will always be with the group providing thoughts and real time critique as the light changes from sunset to the enchanting night skies.


Flights and car transportation are not included.

Meals will often be on the go as we chase light, you will be responsible for your own food.

Travel Insurance
With any trip/adventure, it is recommended you have travel insurance, especially for medical emergencies.

Cost: $3,295
Deposit: $499 to reserve your spot
Space is limited and filling up quickly on a first come, first serve basis. With three photography instructors present for the duration of the workshop, you will have plenty of opportunity for 1-on-1 instruction to improve the skills you feel you need to work on!
Join Our Tribe and Invest in Your Passion!

* Please read the workshop F.A.Q. section to learn more about cancellation policies or if you have any other questions.
* * If this workshop has to be cancelled or postponed due to any COVID-19 related issues, you will have the option of a FULL REFUND or your deposit can be used for a future credit for any workshop.